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The company

Cela Srl is an Italian company specialized in the design and construction of:

- Truck mounted aerial platforms from 21 to 72 meters
- Fire Fighting platforms from 28 to 72 meters
- Spyder platforms from 15 to 36 meters 
- Catering Trucks
- Water towers trucks from 18 to 44 meters 

Cela is located at Corte Franca (BS), in the heart of Franciacorta; today Franciacorta means declare with passion and pride an incredible love for the entrepreneur activity; in the last years, this small piece of Italy is still growing and is going to be one of the benchmark of Italian industry, thanks to the very tough international inspiration of companies; you know, from Franciacorta we can touch by hand and taste some of the best wines of Italy; we can find some of the best companies in the world, not to mention the outline landscape of rare beauty. All elements that support the conviction of a very strong personality, tenacious and strongly motivated. Just like Cela's People.

People of Cela

Cela was born as a manufacturing company, real and strongly connected to the territory and its strong values that have characterized the first growth, so the develop then its completely expansion. All this thanks to Cela People and them distinctive features:

The Experience: we born we grow ready to a new challenge maybe the most charming, use the knowledge and the experience learnt in the past as our competitive advantage to outline the positive and dynamic points to create over them the future.

Cela created in 1965 the first aerial truck mounted working platform in the world. 

The collaboration: two hands, we can image, are simply two hands; but it there is two hands more, and two more, and two more, the difficulties don't exist and won't exist anything that could limit our capacity. The hands multiplied themselves. And the satisfaction grows.

Every day in Cela tenacious people working for the satisfaction of Customers.

The Effor: work is various, tough, under the sun or under the rain there isn't any break; the collaboration is very important, to work as a team needs the resposibility, devotion and strong skills but at the end arrive the final result and with it the satisfaction.

From the beginning, Cela sold more than thousands of platforms all over the world.

The Satisfaction: get the different targets is, of course, a satisfaction, because inside there are all efforts and happiness that have been necessary for the job. But when we add the Customer's satisfaction, here our satisfaction grows and the motivational thrust increases to continuosly give the best in the future. 

Our platforms are currently operating in more than 45 Countries in the world.

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